Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Do Other Industries Work for Free or "Exposure"?

With Will Wheaton telling The Huffington Post off a few weeks ago, fair pay for creative services is back in the news again. The Star Trek: TNG actor clearly doesn't need "the exposure," but HuffPo tried. As much as HuffPo makes, the news site can pay Wheaton and other contributors.

Well, someone made a video! Toronto-based ad agency Zula Alpha Kilo approaches actual non-creative small businesses with the same requests creatives receive on the daily basis. Results were not good.

Just a little perspective.

Also, in case you need a reminder what "spec" is...

Happy Filmmaking!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to Lagniappe Cinemas

Adobe Stock
In October 2010, I decided to start a production company named Lagniappe Cinemas with no camera, no equipment, no clients, and no money. It's been an eventful 5 years.

Five years later, I've worked in Los Angeles, Mobile, and Omaha. I produced a few music videos and AD on other shoots. I received my masters' degree. Lagniappe Cinemas is also officially a mom-and-pop as Joe and I married. We are thinking more about internet video than feature.
The industry has evolved and our business model has evolved with it.

I am currently updating our website as it needs a facelift, but I hope to be around for another 5 years!

Happy Filmmaking!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mobile, Alabama: Ryan Reynolds Approved!

When asked what non-LA city was his favorite for shooting, actor Ryan Reynolds replied without hesitation: Mobile, Alabama! My hometown has a great little filmmaking community, which I have used myself on numerous occasions. I also have championed Mobile's friendly attitude towards tourists and warm climate as a great place to shoot, as well as praised the Mobile Film Office for its continued effort.

Reynolds recently wrapped Mississippi Grind, shot in Mobile, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. It premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Check out these other available shooting locations in Mobile!

Blacksher Hall on Government Blvd 
Old Courthouse (non-functioning) on Government Bvd

Visitation Monastery (actual religious building, ask Archdiocese of Mobile first!) on Springhill Blvd
Happy Filmmaking!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Using 4K on your iPhone

If you have read this blog before, you know that I am an advocate of "available camera." Namely, it doesn't matter if your camera is a RED, ARRI, Canon, GoPro, or an iPhone, as long as you know filmic technique and language, your film or video project should look professional.

While there are some technology limitations with some cameras, such as the iPhone's native wide-angle lens, a true artist will work with these limitations. There are some amazing films with an iPhone and terrible films with a RED.

So when Apple announced the release of 4K for its new iPhone 6s, the indie film community both rejoiced and displayed skepticism. 4K picture is becoming more inexpensive each day, but the files continue to be massive, compared to HD or DV pictures. More devices can display in 4K, so Apple's timing is appropriate. While it's a good thing that 4K is now accessible to the average consumer, the iPhone's internal storage has not changed, meaning you'll be deleting tons of apps and data just to store 10 minutes of 4K video. I assume Apple's photos app will try to solve this by convincing consumers to upload to the iCloud directly from their phone. Your can potentially do this with Google Photos as well, but as of today, Google's Video storage is limited to 1080HD.

Only time will tell if Apple's storage limitations will limit how useful 4K will be. I cannot wait to see what indie solutions the community comes up with.

Happy Filmmaking.

Monday, August 24, 2015

New State, New Projects

Earlier this month, I relocated from my hometown of Mobile, Alabama, to Omaha, Nebraska. This makes my second cross-country move in five years. As I adjust to the film culture in a new state, it hit me: just a decade ago, a move outside of New York or Los Angeles would have set my career back. Nowadays, we can live anywhere and find work! Where you live is no longer an excuse.

I am ADing on a local Omaha project and enjoying the entire process. I still work on other projects outside of the feature realm. It's a new adventure and I am up to the challenge!

Happy Filmmaking!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Make Films Against All Odds?

Have you ever been discouraged as a filmmaker? I have just this week when I walked off a set for the first time in my nearly decade-long career. The following video made me feel better. Even with all the setbacks, you have to ask yourself, "why do I do this?" Here is your answer:

Happy Filmmaking!