Sunday, October 26, 2008

Networking or Flirting?

Every now and then, I would meet a potential business contact in a casual setting. We would discuss films, filmmaking, and entertainment in general, usually over drinks, in a professional, yet friendly manner. Then my potential contact would ask me for my phone number.

Herein lies the dilemma: is this a legitimate business request, or a sly mack? As a woman, I tend to choose my business contacts very carefully; however, sometimes I believe many men--and perhaps some women--use networking as dating service. What is an aspiring estrogen-filled filmmaker to do?

Los Angeles has a reputation of chewing up and spitting out the naïve. And I have gotten some bad contacts before. However, some aspiring filmmakers and actors are just shy at heart and like to talk to someone of the opposite sex about their ambitions. Filmmaking is a sexy occupation, unlike accounting. It's an occupation that screams, "I make my own rules."

So, how do I evade this dilemma and separate the super ambitious from the super horny? I never give my phone number to anyone, unless it's a friend of a friend. Even then, situations can become questionable. I am less protective of my email address since they are a dime a dozen. Thus, I choose to give out my email address instead of my number. Not to mention, you can always stick any problem emails in your junk-folder and press “delete.” Then, only after regular platonic and professional contact, I will give out my number.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’ve been known to be pretty hot, in an Afro-bohemian, artsy chick sorta way. I love to have fun, but I am about my business and taken! If you are serious about meeting me in order to talk shop, then step on up to the plate. If not, then flirt with the half-drunk skeezer at the end of the bar.

Happy Filmmaking!

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