Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Razzies: the greatest award you never want!

How would you feel if you won a Razzie? Maybe I should I ask Paris Hilton. The self-proclaimed "singer-slash-actress-slash-heiress-slash-book writer-slash-hot mess" won big at the 29th Annual Razzies, CNN reports.

Razzies founder John Wilson told CNN that Hilton's vanity project The Hottie and the Nottie, "wouldn't even have to pay taxes" under the new economic stimulus plan. The film was a critical and commercial bust. I don't think that's hot.

However, the "great" director Uwe Boll continues to rack up Razzies like Angelina Jolie collects third-world children. He received worst director and a "lifetime achievement award." Word has it that there is still an online petition somewhere to get him to retire.

Maybe winning a Razzie wouldn't be so bad if you embrace your cinematic stinkbomb. That's why I have mad props for Halle Berry.

The other "winners" for the 29th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards are here.

Happy Filmmaking.

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