Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holding out for a hero: Pulling the Plug on Recession Filmmaking

Is it really smart to invest in independent filmmaking during a recession? Sure, the Indie industry is always risky (everything from risky investors to one-hit wonders), but how smart is it to actually shoot and produce a film in times like these?

I personally am taking the time to venture very carefully. Just as in the Writer's Strike, I am concentrating on planning and writing. Besides, both of those activities require virtually no money. Also, now is a great time to check out how well your competition is doing. That is the studios.

Recession is very vulnerable to indies because of the niche audiences. Even studios are cutting back on production. Production is not where it is at!!! But I know the time will come when the demand will rise again.

Post, on the other hand, is something worth investing. You should finish any cuts started since an unfinished film is more money down the drain. Your editor (or just you) should be mindful of wasteful cuts, while keeping the "when in doubt, cut it out" rule.

Be prepared by prepping your film package and laying out the groundwork for your production company. You know what they say: failure to plan is planning to fail. Investors are getting harder and harder to entice, so make the package as concise as possible during this time. And maybe one day, the money will flow freely once more.

Happy Filmmaking!

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