Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Indie ProCo Falls Victim to Bad Times

Overture Films is no more. Although only three years old, Overture Films was a powerhouse in the world of indie film. Relativity Media has acquired Overture's operation duties. What's very unfortunate about Overture's demise is how the owner lost interest in the film business and had hoped to sell the company to potential buyers. Only two bidders were interested, and their deals were not high enough.

In a time such as this, we need to focus on rebranding independent film. Indie ProCos are just like any other small business, they are the backbone to true American enterprise. As one of the few true American exports, cinema must allow for competitors and a fair exchange of ideas. If all independent filmmaking goes away, we will be stuck with the over-inflated, over-budgeted, unimaginative monotony that is today's studio system.

LA Times article is here:
Overture Films ends three-year run, hands off marketing and distribution to Relativity Media | Company Town | Los Angeles Times

Happy Filmmaking.

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