Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Quik Lesssun.

So I participated in Script-a-thon, the month-long script marathon. Writing a script from scratch was challenging and fun, especially when you have a little over a month to complete it. Finalists have not been announced yet, but going over my script today I realized two things:

1. 30-day scripts are hard.
2. I needed an extra pair of eyeballs.

Not that I didn't try. My expected reader wasn't available and there was a deadline to meet. But never again will I turn in a script that has a handful of grammatical errors. At least I went light on the parentheticals, but I could have cut them much more. Lesson learned. I apologize, Script-a-thon, but hey, 30 days. Give credit where credit is due!

Happy Filmmaking.

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