Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Chris/tina": Support new series!

New media is fast approaching a golden age. Most of us now know that steady studio jobs have disappeared and the abundant funding for more traditional projects have dried up. More filmmakers see the internet as an unlimited canvas, where real careers are forged.

Jorge Ortiz is taking LGBT filmmaking to new heights with his new web series, Chris/tina. Chris/tina involves a young, transexual Los Angeles-based Latino living in a middle-class, socially conservative world. Jorge has been working on his series tirelessly for the past 2 years, developing and gathering the interest needed to produce and fund his project. I would say his hard work has paid off.

Please help Jorge out by supporting this revolutionary new series! It already made 2010 semi-finalist in the NexTV Writing and Pitch competition. The series will be produced by Anchorbolt Studios.

Happy Filmmaking!

UPDATE: I wanted to make a correction. Chris/tina is not a web series per se, but rather a television series using the means of internet. Also, the main character discovers his sexual identity as the show progresses. He does not identity as transsexual at the start of the series. Jorge has a new fundraising campaign here:

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