Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preproduction Research Photos for "C'est la Mort"

Preproduction is moving along. Because C'est La Mort is a historical documentary, I visited some of the Mobile's long-time residents at the city's historic Church Street Graveyard. Many of the city's more famous residents currently reside here, including Joe Cain and Eugene Walter. This cemetery peeked around the mid-to-late 1800s. Following Mobile's strong Catholic tradition, the northern third of the graveyard (and the best ground) was reserved for practicing Catholics. Protestants were buried in the back. Unbaptized individuals seemed to be buried to the west due to all the baby-sized graves on that side, even though some babies seem to be buried with mom or other family members.

Thought I would share my fabulously creepy photos taken with my phone.

Joe Cain.

Lopez Family graves.

Young woman who died at 26 in 1847.

Eugene Walter.

Catholic grave.

Possible Mason grave.

Child named "Louise". Mom and dad weren't too far.

Another child or children's grave.

Happy Filmmaking!

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Paul Alidor said...

Daniel DeVol had the distinction of being Mobile County's first Sheriff. He lived in a large home that was situated between Royal Street and the River. His wife is buried next to him but nothing is known about the whereabouts of his 10+ kids. Duval Street in Mobile is named after him.