Sunday, January 15, 2012

"What I did on my Winter Vacation..."

Thought I would share some updates through pictures. I took a small break from blogging and the industry by taking care of my private priorities. Getting back in the game is difficult, but it gets a little easier due to the "award season." In fact, the Golden Globes are in process right now. Anyways, the holidays have come and gone.
I spent Christmas attending mass with my brother at the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It was an humbling and beautiful experience. A local film is using the cathedral as a backdrop. The new translation is causing some problems still. The couple behind us defiantly would say "and also with you". You are now supposed to say "and with your spirit." I just think it's funny to protest the change. Isn't that how Protestants began?

New Years' in Mobile is just another pre-Mardi Gras party. As the Order of Myths already covered that phenomenon, I'll just say this: moon pie. Yes, Mobile drops a giant moon pie in place of a ball. Pensacola has a pelican, which is slightly more cool. Well, even though the moon pie idea was mocked in its first year, the idea has grown on the revelers. The pea soup-thick bayou fog did not keep people away from seeing this giant, inedible moon pie.
And the "food truck" thing has hit Mobile like a ton of bricks. But instead of tacos, the trucks would most likely sell shrimp po-boys and 20 varieties of chicken. Mobile is considered Alabama's artist haven. It has a strong literary past which includes Truman Capote, William March, and Eugene Walter. So the popular downtown hangout Boo Radley's serves as an inside joke and cool kids (i.e., hipster) spot. How ironic. This picture is the line outside. New Years' came and left quickly. Now we are officially in the Mardi Gras season, as indicated by all the decor on sale. I also noticed that most Mardi Gras decorations are "made in China."
But enough Kodak moments. Indie news and updates coming soon!

Happy Filmmaking.

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