Saturday, June 21, 2014

Malia Obama: Production Assistant

Looks like the First Kid is thinking about a career in the film business! The 15-year-old was a set PA for a week on the set of Extant, the new sci-fi series staring Halle Berry. While I doubt anyone yelled her about coffee, it is wonderful news that the First Children are getting a taste of how the other half lives. Even in a so-called "glamorous" field, like Entertainment. We don't need a reminder where PAs are in the pecking order!

Malia even got to slate a take. Careful, Malia, the pull of the Industry is strong! And you are already stunning and tall. Follow your dreams, homegirl! Your father did...

TMZ also reports that Malia's sister Sasha recently visited the set of Pretty Little Liars. No PA work for Sasha yet, since she's only 13.

Happy Filmmaking!

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