Sunday, November 9, 2014

Go See "Dear White People," If You Can!

You know me: I like to support fellow peeps! Please support the filmmakers of Dear White People. Black cinema is one of those things that gets niched too often. There is a racial theory that states Black cinema struggles at the box office due to a lack of racial empathy. In theory, white audiences cannot relate to black protagonists.

Well, Dear White People shot for the moon and is now rocketing into space. The Sundance darling has now attracted international buyers at American Film Market.

Check out the trailer:

Although the film is released nationally, the release is limited so it may or may not be playing near you.

Here is an interview with Dear White People actors Marque Richardson and Brandon Bell. They are being interviewed by Daren Jackson. All three attended USC with me and are great people!

Happy Filmmaking!

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