Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year: What Are Your Filmmaking Goals?

We are now 10 days into the new year. When I was at the Richard Lawson studio, we learned how to map out our goals and visualize your career road map. It's a very good practice to me instead of making yet another generic resolution. By zeroing on on how to actually achieve your goals and your deadlines, you are far more likely to complete them. Here are my filmmaking goals as a model:

  • I have a thesis I am working on as a short film. Because I must complete the film and showcase it to graduate, this is my primary goal for the year. I will complete this film by the designated deadline as agreed upon by my professor and me.
  • I'm going to buy a cine lens set by August since I am shooting far more often. I will offset the cost by completing more work.
  • I will advertise for more work by making an updated reel and promoting myself in other cities.
  • I will enter production on a new music documentary by November. I will start preproduction slowly, but I should complete preproduction by July.
  • I will write another script by October.
  • I will update the WGA registration on all of my materials by March.
  • I will collaborate and network with more local film talent, joining their projects and visiting their groups. This will be a continuous effort. I started to work on this goal by joining local "film scrambles."
  • I will try to support as many projects as I can. My network is very talented and I believe in them.
You can always expand on some goals or eliminate impossible ones. Try it. Happy New Year and Happy Filmmaking.

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