Thursday, September 15, 2016

YouTube's Demonetization a.k.a. #YouTubeIsOverParty

Recently, many YouTubers have made a stink about YouTube's (already in place) demonetization policy. Critics of the policy have labeled YouTube as "political correct" and "a form of censorship."

As anti-censorship as I am, YouTube has become a cesspool of the worst of the Internet. Many of the videos flagged for demonetization have racist, xenophobic, and sexist slants. If YouTube (or Google) wants to set an advertising standard, then that just makes good business sense.

YouTube is a FREE platform. This isn't about censorship. This is about someone using a free platform to make money. It's a gift to content creators. Demonetization isn't the real problem on YouTube. It's false copyright claims. False copyright claims have the power to shape actual policy and laws and make it harder for creators to create, even for those who don't utilize YouTube.

As far as money goes, ads have taken away from the enjoyment of YouTube anyway. Host your vid somewhere else where you can generate revenue from your fans. Or don't. I don't utilize YouTube enough because of all the ads and rabble a free platform seems to harbor. I prefer Vimeo, even though Vimeo's free service is limited. But lately, I have considered making informational videos. YouTube would be perfect for those, as well as the other blog-like, business-centered videos that live there already.

I'm actually MORE inclined to use YouTube with the policy clarified. Imagine that.

Happy Filmmaking.

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