Thursday, January 1, 2009

One more reason to love indies!

On the eve of what may be another industry strike, Hollywood execs seem to be focusing on other entertaining entities: toys. After the success of Transformers, execs try their hand at other classic toys. This proves three things:

1.) Actors are disposable.
2.) "Male" toys are way more interesting than "female" toys.
3.) Studios and marketing wizards will stop at nothing to sell you something, even in a bust economy.

I'm pretty sure I am the not the only cinephile fed up with the two-hour commercials dressed up as movies. At least with indies, the focus lies on the story, not with product placement. Otherwise all indies would look like this:

How about this, Hollywood: instead of pandering to the 15-year-old boy who just grew out of his G.I. Joe stage, make some deals that will overall boost the quality of pictures that will put some butts back into the seats? That's the difference between today and the 1930s. I'm not saying the 30s were perfect--with the overmarketing of sound and all--but it did churn out some great classics. Learn from the past, Hollywood.

Happy Filmmaking!

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