Saturday, May 23, 2009

SAG: Whose side are you on?

It's all about "New Media." That 21st-century way of displaying the art of capturing life on film. What the writers' strike taught us is that New Media is not unlike the Wild West: undisciplined, unregulated, and so fairly new, everyone wants a cut.

The final ballots for the SAG decision are due 6 June. Variety reported wide Hollywood opposition towards the deal, however, smaller-named actors seem more willing to negotiate.

I'm spilt on the decision, mainly because I am not an actress. I agree that actors should be compensated fairly for their work, but at the same time, actors already tend to receive more benefits and pay than other industry professionals. Not to mention, everyone and their momma wants to act. Studios can easily make anyone the next Megan Fox.

But what about the Indies? There's the rub. Maybe this is one of those wait-and-sees.

Happy filmmaking.

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