Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why the long hiatus?

Well, life-changing events. I had to go back South to say goodbye to a cousin. I often forget how different life is down there than in LA. Much slower, much more meaningful.

See the blue sky. I can sit on this porch for hours.

Come on in! My grandmother made some catfish and grits!

Going back home always inspires my creativity. Southerners are natural storytellers, so I just sit back and listen.

The story de jour involves what we call my cousin's escort to Heaven. Some mysterious man showed up at the hospital to visit and comfort my cousin and several of my relatives. No one in my family has seen him before, not even my dying cousin. He disappeared when my cousin died, only to reappear when my mother and aunt were picking a suit for my cousin's remains. Randomly, at the same store. Everyone who saw him believes him to be an angel.

Align Center

Our faith brings us through bad times.

I never saw the man myself, but the tale enough is very comforting.

Happy filmmaking, and R.I.P. Kendrick.

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