Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Rocky Start to the New Year

Like many filmmakers, I have goals I want to accomplish for the new year. But also like many filmmakers, I have had setbacks that literally started at the beginning of the year. My husband and I are still adjusting to a Nebraska winter. Nebraska is a beautiful state with big open skies and lots of filmmaking potential. However, unlike the sunny days of California or the 80 degree winters of Alabama, Nebraska stays blanketed in snow for most of the winter, which may cause some logistical problems. Native son Alexander Payne seems to work in the snow just fine. For some of us that lived our entire lives in warmer climates, it's quite an adjustment. I'm actively trying to shake seasonal affective disorder by practicing exposures in the snow.

I also have been plagued with unexpected medical problems, which has slowed down my progress on many projects and creative activities. I spent first few days of the new year in the hospital, including New Years Eve and Day. I'm still in a recovery stage, and I'm slowly building back my strength.

Me trying to stay positive through illness and hospitalization.
2015 was such a stellar year for me, that 2016 seems dull by comparison. But, the year is still early and there is so much to do.

Happy Filmmaking!

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