Monday, January 25, 2016

Pretentious Filmmaking Aside, A Film Shot on a Prius Backup Camera Would Be Weird

A feature film on a car's backup camera? Well, these filmmakers asked "what if?". The results are about as much as you'd expect. My AD senses scream at the safety concerns of such a shoot. It's not like the camera is anything special. It's a backup camera. On a Prius. Very pretentious indeed, down to the Euro "auteur."

Of course, the BOS video is actually a parody. But imagine the limitations that this camera would display. Most actions will take place in streets and parking lots. It's a great laugh at the latest gimmicky camera trend. Of course, if I were to use a gimmicky camera, like a GoPro, I would prefer it to be a to carry.

Happy Filmmaking!

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